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What is a Design POP pavilion?

A Design POP pavilion is a structure designed and created by an Architect or Design in collaboration with a food brand. These different collaborations are dotted around Cork city. 

The Architects/designer is challenged to design a structure that captures and represents the ethos of the food brand. The food brand's challenge is to create ways of interacting and engaging with the public to active the space both in and around the pavilion. 

ACTIVATION TIMES: Activation times are the times when something is happening in/at the pavilion. All pavilions are open during opening hours with a specific activity happening at the activation times.

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2. Wandesford quay - Opening hours- Friday & Saturday  11am - 5pm and Sunday: 11am - 4pm.

Activation times: Saturday: 11am - 5pm and Sunday : 11am - 4pm.

3. Elizabeth fort - Opening hours: Friday & Saturday: 10am - 4:30pm and Sunday: 12pm - 4pm.

Activation times: Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 12pm - 2pm.

4. Nano Nagle Place - Opening hours: Friday & Saturday 12pm - 5pm and Sunday: 12pm - 4pm.

Activation times: Saturday & Sunday: 12pm - 2pm.

5. Emmett place - Opening hours - Friday & Saturday: 11am-5pm and Sunday: 11am - 4pm.

Activation times: Friday & Saturday: 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

6. Penrose Dock - Opening hours - Friday: 12pm - 6pm, Saturday: 11am - 5pm and Sunday: 11am - 3:30pm
Activation times- Friday: 2.30pm - 4pm, Saturday: 2.30-4pm and Sunday: 11am - 3pm.

7. Blackrock castle - Opening hours: Friday &Saturday: 12pm - 5pm and Sunday: 12pm - 4pm.

Activation times: Saturday: 2-4pm.




1. The River Lee Hotel

Mark Horgan X

The River Lee


Mark Horgan

Mark Horgan is a computational designer exploring the intersection of programming
and design. Mark studied Architecture and Creative Technology and has been
working as a developer for a number of years. He has previously worked on
interactive installations, data visualisations and generative design. He uses
algorithmic modeling and physics simulation to generate form which is then realised
with digital fabrication. Mark has an interest in architectural geometry that considers
fabrication at the early stages of the design process to create interesting forms that
are practical to construct.

river kee.png

The River Lee


Set on a picturesque bend in the river just a short walk from Cork city centre, The River Lee occupies a unique position in Ireland’s “second city”.

The River Lee is one of Cork’s leading business and social destinations. All aspects of Cork local life are played out here - from business events to special celebrations in THE HUB, or in the award-winning River Club bar, terrace and Grill Room. The glamorous Mirror Room raises the bar for private event space in Cork. Health-conscious guests have access to in-house NRG Fitness with 20m swimming pool and full gym.

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2. Wandesford Quay

Play nice studio X


Play nice studio

Play Nice are a creative studio based in Dublin that designs, builds and styles eye-catching immersive spaces for people and products. Our aim is to create playful digital or physical worlds of colour for people to engage in and enjoy. That can range from providing creativity for photoshoots, temporary pop-ups or permanent work in public or commercial spaces.

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Copy of currabinny.jfif
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William Murray & James Kavanagh gave birth to Currabinny after a discussion on how they could turn their unwavering obsession (food) into a career. William studied & grew his love of food at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Co. Cork - which is headed up Darina Allen & Rory O’Connell. In Ballymaloe, William nurtured his love of dishes that are unashamedly created with lots of real butter, Maldon Salt & seasonal, fresh vegetables. James comes from the other side of the food world; marketing. Having worked for two of his favourite Irish brands; Kerrygold & Barry’s Tea, he has learned what goes into making a beautiful product. Witnessing the passion & quality that goes into making a Barry’s teabag, and how the perfect grass has to exist in order for Kerrygold Butter to be as delicious as it is, has strongly influenced his food ethos.  


Currabinny is named after the sleepy, picturesque area of Cork William was raised in. With houses right on the water and a warmer climate than most areas of the country, his childhood was surrounded by organic, self-grown food. Mackerel fishing on the pier & vegetable-patch tending is second nature to William. 


3. Elizabeth fort

Cook Architects X

Ballymaloe Foods

Cook Architects

Architects Dermot Harrington & Paul Carpenter, are practice principals of Cook Architects, a design-led RIAI Architecture Practice based in Cork City.

Their portfolio of works primarily focuses on high-end domestic, multi-housing and commercial fitout design projects. They aspire to challenge & exceed the client’s brief and provide innovative & sustainable solutions that are both delightful & spatially inspiring.  Both principals are part-time tutors at CCAE (Cork Centre for Architectural Education), and also curate the annual Cork Architectural Association Exhibition.

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Ballymaloe Brandmark.jpg

Ballymaloe Foods

Over 30 years ago, Yasmin Hyde began producing Ballymaloe Original Relish in her kitchen, using her mother, Myrtle Allen’s, recipe. Since then, the family-run business has been on the exciting journey of bringing delicious tasting products to kitchens all over the world. It continues to grow and now produces a range of relishes, pasta sauces, beetroot, mayonnaise, salad dressings and roasting sauces in their purpose-built kitchens located in Little Island, County Cork. We have won Great Taste awards for our Original Relish, Pickled Irish Beetroot & Irish Mayonnaise and are so delighted when more consumers discover our wider range of products available. Times may have changed but our approach never has, we continue to produce all our products using only natural ingredients that are cooked in small batches for maximum flavour.  Follow @ballymaloefoods on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for recipe inspiration or go to www.ballymaloefoods.ie

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4. Nano Nagle Place

Alan Macilwraith (JCA Architects) X

Good Day Deli

Alan Macilwraith

Alan Macilwraith is an Architect with Jack Coughlan Architects and has been to the fore of many of the practice’s recent projects: Nano Nagle Place, Cork School of Architecture, Spike Island, Camden Fort Meagher, Baltimore Harbour Facility and Michael Collins House, Clonakilty.

Active in the life of Cork City through involvement with Open House Cork, CORKUMNAVIGATION with Meitheal Mara and as Designer of The Choice Machine Pavilion at Design Pop 2019. Broadening the boundaries from Cork with Young Urbanists and the Academy of Urbanism.


Currently working on Wild Atlantic Glamping, Bere Island, a family project set in a location fundamental to him.

Alan Macilwraith.jpg

Good Day Deli

Clare and Kristin share 18 years of experience in the food and hospitality sector. Since 2009, they have lived together in Ireland, New Zealand and the Cooks Islands, nurturing their values of protecting the environment and their love of good food.

Kristin is a New Zealander with Cook Island heritage. He has years of hospitality experience and a passion for cooking and baking, organic gardening and sustainable food production. Kristin applies his Cook Island cultural values to food souring and preparation. He believes strongly in being connected to the source of the food that we eat and providing a community environment through food.

At Good Day Deli, our mission is to inspire happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyles in Ireland by empowering people to make good food choices that will boost health and wellbeing, elevate local producers, champion animal welfare, and protect the environment now and for future generations

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5. Emmett Place


Crawford Gallery Cafe


Maser truly embodies the centric spirit of contemporary visual art in Ireland today. Having created artwork since 1995, over the last 25 years, Maser has earned much respect professionally and has generated a large and dedicated following in Ireland and abroad - through his seamlessly imaginative and unique graphic style.


Having become internationally recognised for his expansive repertoire of contemporary visual art, Maser’s artistic practice includes works on canvas, sculptures, prints, immersive installations, interactive exhibitions and exquisite large-scale murals. His unique, artistic style draws upon numerous influences including optical art and mid-century art, and is regularly complemented with bold colours, pattern and text. 

Atelier Now is a public gallery and creative studio located on Charlemont Street in the heart of Dublin city. Founded in 2018, Atelier Now brings a fresh approach to creative programming, an openness to artists and a clear vision towards the future.

At Atelier Now, we strive to connect, inspire and open the art world out to new artists, audiences and traditions; and strengthen Irish contemporary art culture and industry through the sharing of knowledge, resources and skills. We do this through our public exhibition programme and our artist residency opportunities.

We also strive to connect the art world with the inner world by providing a space for those exploring wellbeing and balance - through regular meditation and wellness courses. '

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Crawford Gallery Cafe

The roots of the Crawford Gallery Cafe go back to 1986 when the doors were originally opened by Mrs. Myrtle Allen and her daughter Fern. That Ballymaloe ethos - taking the very best quality food and cooking it simply but beautifully - continues to underscore the cafe in its modern incarnation.

Since then, many Ballymaloe chefs and graduates of Ballymaloe Cookery School, including Rachel Allen, have earned their stripes here. In the early days, food was prepared at Ballymaloe House and transported in a little red van to the city each morning. On one ill-fated occasion, neglecting to firmly shut the back door of the van, the blissfully unaware driver left a costly food trail all the way to the Crawford!

These days, of course, the menu is all freshly prepared in-house under the expert management of Sinead Doran.

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6. Penrose Dock

Wilson Architects X

Naturally Nourished

Wilson Architects

Wilson Architecture is one of Ireland’s leading architectural firms. Through our offices in Cork, Dublin and Dalian, China we provide the full range of professional architectural services to both National and International clients. We have delivered a wide range of award-winning developments and several recent projects in Cork City including Penrose Dock, The Capitol, The Dean Hotel and Cork Courthouse, Anglesea St. All our staff are experienced in working collaboratively with clients, design teams and construction contractors to ensure a hands-on approach to delivering successful projects. We are committed to achieving design excellence through all stages of a project, from conception through to final construction.

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OMMW Logo Square.jpg

Naturally Nourished

Our Ethos

At Naturally Nourished, quality of produce is at the forefront of what we do. We strongly believe no dish is ever better than its produce so we source the best possible ingredients locally, from trusted sources. We have a conscious mindset of contributing to empower the slow food movement by ensuring our ingredients are coming from small, artisan suppliers. 

Our Food

We have designed a balanced menu of seasonally inspired hot and cold dishes, using lots of fresh fruit and veg, warming spices, fresh herbs, healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates + nourishing fats.

We serve speciality coffee roasted just a few miles from our door so you can be sure you will be imbibing some of the best around.


Our healthy snacks are created with the needs of the consumer in mind, ensuring they are satisfying, low g.i. and macro balanced meaning they will keep you fueled until your next meal, without any sugar spikes or crashes. 


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7. Blackrock Castle


Blackrock Castle Observatory and cafe

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The Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE) is a joint venture between CIT and UCC.


Design POP is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the multidisciplinary strength of CCAE working in collaboration with BCO.

Laura Hurley, 4th year CCAE graduate and James Pearce who has completed 3rd year at CCAE are designing and fabricating the pavilion at BCO.

Laura and James have the support of the BCO team and the CCAE team which includes architects, a structural engineer, a product designer, the CCAE workshop technical assistant, the CCAE artist in residence and the CCAE student community.

ccae logo_bold_FLAT_2016.jpg


Blackrock Castle Observatory (BCO) is an internationally award-winning facility that uses the theme of astronomy and space to enthuse, inspire and catalyse conversations and problem-solving approaches to societal issues of interest to us all. It is a partnership between Cork Institute of Technology and Cork City Council. BCO opened to the public in 2007 and has welcomed 1.3 million visitors, with over 100,000 primary and post-primary students involved in formal and informal workshops. BCO Executive members are Education and Public Outreach Network Representative for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and sit on the Government’s ESO National Advisory Committee, the Steering Committee for ESERO Ireland and Steering Committee for the Space Strategy for Enterprise at DBEI. The work of BCO, including Space Week carry specific action items on the National Space Strategy for Enterprise. No other HEI or HEI facility carries a specific action item. BCO team members have developed and delivered a series of new workshops for the new Junior Cycle Curriculum on “Earth and Space” to raise the skill level of teachers in addressing the learning outcomes using enquiry-based approaches that differ significantly from the traditional “chalk and talk” approaches. BCO team members regularly mentor undergraduate students from CIT and UCC and the research team at BCO is currently supervising three PhD students and one Research Masters student. BCO is regularly featured in social and traditional media platforms and is a strong advocate of the use of space for societal good.


Covid-19 Safety Measures

Design Pop will be following guidelines from the HSE and NPHET regarding safety measures relating to Covid19. This information will be updated before and during the Festival with the latest information on the measures we’re taking to keep you safe.

Design POP would like to thank all our pavilion locations for supporting Design POP and the collaboration team, Cork City Council, Elizabeth fort, Blackrock Castle (MTU), Nano Nagle Place, The Courtyard of Cork Printmakers, Lavit Gallery and Backwater Artist Group and O'Callaghan properties.