2021 Pavilion collaboration announcement,

What is a Design POP pavilion?

A Design POP pavilion is a structure designed and created by an Architect or Design in collaboration with a food brand. These different collaborations are dotted around Cork city. 

The Architects/designer is challenged to design a structure that captures and represents the ethos of the food brand. The food brand's challenge is to create ways of interacting and engaging with the public to active the space both in and around the pavilion. 

ACTIVATION TIMES: Activation times are the times when something is happening in/at the pavilion. The pavilions are all visitable and open between 12 pm - 6 pm - Friday and 10 am - 6 pm Saturday and Sunday over the Design POP weekend, but when active it means something special is also happening at the pavilion. 


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Emmett Place



Crawford Gallery Cafe


With a collective background studying Architecture and Industrial Design in Denmark, Dublin and London respectively, Laoise, Oisín and Jonny have designed a variety of projects at different scales, from bespoke furniture, exhibitions and stage sets, to private houses, a public park and large scale residential developments. Together, they combine a passion for making, tectonic expression, emerging technologies and research-based design which blurs disciplinary, thematic and social boundaries.

Since studying Architecture at Dublin Institute of Technology in 2014, Oisín has designed bespoke houses, small commercial fit-outs and stage sets, as well as medium to large scale residential buildings. He collaborated on the development of ‘An Brandub’ board game exhibited as part of the ID2015 Liminal exhibition, which showcased Irish design at home and abroad. He has developed a special interest in the relationship between tectonic and stereotomic expression and follows a strong philosophy of research-based design.


Laoise graduated from Aarhus Arkitekstkolen, Denmark in 2014, and has since worked in Dublin on a variety of projects at different scales; exhibition design, private houses, a public park, and large scale housing developments. She’s especially interested in observing human behaviour through projects based in the public realm that involve cross-disciplinary research and collaboration, and which blur thematic and social boundaries.


Jonathan studied Industrial and Product Design in University of the Arts, London. With a passion for making and emerging technologies, he believes that local manufacturing should be a vital part of the story of an object. His work has been exhibited at London Design Festival, Clerkenwell Design Week and New Designers, and he has been a visiting tutor at the Architectural Association’s Timber technology research campus in Hooke Park, UK, and Maynooth University, Kildare.

Anna Higgisson is a recent CCAE graduate and is the intern with this pavilion.

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Crawford Gallery Cafe

The roots of the Crawford Gallery Cafe go back to 1986 when the doors were originally opened by Mrs. Myrtle Allen and her daughter Fern. That Ballymaloe ethos - taking the very best quality food and cooking it simply but beautifully - continues to underscore the cafe in its modern incarnation.

Since then, many Ballymaloe chefs and graduates of Ballymaloe Cookery School, including Rachel Allen, have earned their stripes here. In the early days, food was prepared at Ballymaloe House and transported in a little red van to the city each morning. On one ill-fated occasion, neglecting to firmly shut the back door of the van, the blissfully unaware driver left a costly food trail all the way to the Crawford!

These days, of course, the menu is all freshly prepared in-house under the expert management of Sinead Doran.

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Elizabeth Fort

Mark Horgan X

Bobo's Cafe

Mark Horgan

Mark Horgan is a computational designer exploring the intersection of programming
and design. Mark studied Architecture and Creative Technology and has been
working as a developer for a number of years. He has previously worked on
interactive installations, data visualisations and generative design. He uses
algorithmic modeling and physics simulation to generate form which is then realised
with digital fabrication. Mark has an interest in architectural geometry that considers
fabrication at the early stages of the design process to create interesting forms that
are practical to construct.


Bobo Cafe

Bobo is an independent artisan café located at riverside level of the Lewis Glucksman Gallery looking over the beautiful lower grounds of University College
Bobo is brought to you by Ciarán Meade and Mark Cronin, a culinary team who have previously ran several exciting food venues in Cork City and also devised imaginative dining experiences at arts festivals around the country.
Bobo works closely with local suppliers to serve a creative and seasonal changing daytime menu and a tasty weekend brunch. Exquisite home-baked treats, speciality coffee, healthy drink options are available throughout the day.
Bobo also runs a variety of monthly event from a poetry reading to coffee cupping, live music to kombucha workshops and event catering through to cheese tasting.

We’re very excited about participating in Design Pop 2020 and we look forward to welcoming you to Elizabeth Fort for a magic weekend of tasty bites, refreshing
beverages, music, conversation and more.

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Blackrock Castle


Blackrock Castle Observatory and cafe


The Cork Centre for Architectural Education (CCAE) is a joint venture between CIT and UCC.


Design POP is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the multidisciplinary strength of CCAE working in collaboration with BCO.

Laura Hurley, 4th year CCAE graduate and James Pearce who has completed 3rd year at CCAE are designing and fabricating the pavilion at BCO.

Laura and James have the support of the BCO team and the CCAE team which includes architects, a structural engineer, a product designer, the CCAE workshop technical assistant, the CCAE artist in residence and the CCAE student community.

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ccae logo_bold_FLAT_2016.jpg


Blackrock Castle Observatory (BCO) is an internationally award-winning facility which uses
the theme of astronomy and space to enthuse, inspire and catalyse conversations and
problem-solving approaches to societal issues of interest to us all. It is a partnership
between Cork Institute of Technology and Cork City Council. BCO opened to the public in
2007 and has welcomed 1.3 million visitors, with over 100,000 primary and post-primary
students involved in formal and informal workshops. BCO Executive members are Education
and Public Outreach Network Representative for the European Southern Observatory (ESO)
and sit on the Government’s ESO National Advisory Committee, the Steering Committee for
ESERO Ireland and Steering Committee for the Space Strategy for Enterprise at DBEI. The
work of BCO, including Space Week carry specific action items on the National Space
Strategy for Enterprise. No other HEI or HEI facility carries a specific action item. BCO team
members have developed and delivered a series of new workshops for the new Junior Cycle
Curriculum on “Earth and Space” to raise the skill level of teachers in addressing the learning
outcomes using enquiry-based approaches that differ significantly from the traditional
“chalk and talk” approaches. BCO team members regularly mentor undergraduate students
from CIT and UCC and the research team at BCO is currently supervising three PhD students
and one Research Masters student. BCO is regularly featured in social and traditional media
platforms and is a strong advocate of the use of space for societal good.

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